A downloadable game for Windows

The Infamous game for SNES comes to PC in its full "glory" this remake is pretty close to the original (Minus some features (ie the score font and green coins))

I originally made this in 2016 thought I'd finally put it on my dev page. 

Just a warning the original game this is based off is terrible, it plays badly it has an un-skippable intro and is slightly racist. Check out the AVGN episode of this game to get more details.

Tagshard, Remake

Install instructions

Download and run the executable 

What you need:
Windows XP SP3 or higher required. 
1GB of RAM
Sound (For the bad music loop)


HongKong97.exe 3 MB


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But why, though?

Thank you greatly for this unholy masterpiece. I never thought someone would do this and always wanted someone to after seeing the AVGN episode, but it was done.

No worries mein Freund.